Directions to the bus-stop : conversation

Here a tourist asks a local ( person ) for directions to a bus-station.

The local tells her about two bus stations, one which services inner-city patrons, and the other which services inter-city patrons.

Tourist: Excuse me, can you help me find the bus station please?

Local: yes I can, are you looking for a local bus, or are you looking for an intercity bus?

Tourist: An intercity bus, I am travelling further north.

Local: OK, you want the bus station at Rose St. Let's see, follow this road until you come to some traffic lights.

Tourist: Yes.

Local: go straight through the traffic lights.

Tourist: “straight through”?

Local: Yeh, don't turn left or right.

Tourist: Ok.

Local: Carry on over a bridge....

Tourist: Ok.

Local: and then you'll come to a roundabout. A railway line passes over it.

Tourist: Yep, ok.

Local: Take the 3rd exit off the roundabout, go under...

Tourist: Third exit?

Local: Yeh, that's the third fork.

Tourist: OK.

Local: And you should see the bus station on the left hand side.

Tourist: OK.

Local: And there is also ... there's also another bus service. It goes from the town basin. And to get to that one, go back to the roundabout. It isn't that far from the bus station, only about 30 metres. Take the first left as you come to it. That's Walton St,.

Tourist: Alright.

Local: Follow that through one set of traffic lights. You'll see the police station on your right. Carry on through, and follow it to the next set of traffic lights. At that second set of traffic lights, turn right. The bus station is across the road to your left. You should see either buses or people waiting.

Tourist: which is the cheapest?

Local: I think at the second bus station, the one furthest away, they offer some very cheap deals. You have to walk past the police station, on your right, as I said to get there.

Tourist: Ok, thank you very much.

Local: Ok, good luck.

Tourist: Ok, bye.

Local: Ok bye-bye.

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