Buying Milk and Bread : conversation

Below is a typical conversation, using everyday English, in what we in New Zealand call ‘dairy’.

An indecisive man is buying milk. And bread.

Shopkeeper: hello, how are you?

Customer: I'm ok thanks. A bit too hot...

Shopkeeper: How can I help?

Customer: I'm looking for milk. Do you have any one-litre cartons available?

Shopkeeper: Did you look in our fridge on the left hand side there?

Customer: Yeah. There were none there.

Shopkeeper: Hang on, please, let me check out the back. I'll be right back. 

Shopkeeper: No, we have none left. We will be getting some more soon, at 4pm.

Customer: Alright. How much are your two-litre bottles?

Shopkeeper: $5.50

Customer: OK, I'll get one of those. Ahh, be right back.

Shop. That's $5.50.

Man ( hands over $10 ). Ok, here's 10.

Shopkeeper: $10. That's $4.80 change.

Customer: Can I get have a one-dollar coin please?

Shopkeeper: Sure. [ counts change out ] $2, $3, $4, $4.50, $4.70, $4.80. Thank you. Have a great day.

Customer: Thanks. Bye... oh, I forgot bread. Do you have any bread on special?

Shopkeeper: Yes, sir, we have $1 loaves.

Customer: OK, umm, I'll get one of those … ah, two of those, hang on.

Shopkeeper: That's $2.

Shopkeeper: Thank you.

Customer: Ok, I think that's all. Thanks.

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