About Your University Study : conversation

This is a conversation between a young student and an older family member.

The student has just started University in Auckland, New Zealand.

Uncle: Hi Sineah, how's your university study going?

Student: It's going pretty good. It's a lot of work though.

Uncle: Is this your first year?

Student: Yes, this is my first year.

Uncle: OK, what are you studying?

Student: I'm studying foundation into Biomed.

Uncle: And how many years is that?

Student: It's three years.

Me : OK, how many classes do you have a week?

Student: Between eight to 10.

Uncle: OK, and how many people in your classes?

Student: Forty to 50 people in each class.

Uncle: Wow, that's a lot. Is the University very big?

Student: It's huge.

Uncle: Huh. And which University is it?

Student: It's the Auckland University.

Uncle: And how far away from the University do you live?

Student: I live about an hour away by train.

Uncle: Ahh, and do you flat with other people?

Student: I flat with two other full-time workers.

Uncle: Alright, and they're not University students?

Student: No.

Uncle: Do you have any part-time jobs?

Student: No, I wish. ( laughs ) 

Uncle: and how are you finding being in Auckland?

Student: It's pretty good, a lot of people there though.

Uncle: Yeah. What's the best thing about it so far?

Student: Meeting all the different people, and just all the experiences that go along with starting University.

Uncle: Alright. OK, well good luck with it.

Student: Thank you.

Uncle: OK, see ya.


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