At the Library : conversation

This is a conversation between a young woman taveller, and a librarian, aimed at helping speakers of other languages learn English.

He gives directions to local facilities and events.



Hello. How can I find out what's on around town?

How long are you here for?

I'm here for nearly two weeks, then I travel back south to Auckland.

OK, we have a stand with some brochures behind you to the left. This will tell
you about art exhibitions, bands playing, club events, and public events.

Do you have any local markets?

Yes, we have an artisan fair this Saturday. It's in the park behind the library building here, and starts at 9 in the morning.

Is there an entry fee?

No, it's free. They're usually very popular, and there are a lot of families there. There'll be a band doing a couple of sets. There's also a growers' market every Saturday. And that's in the carpark between Walton St, and Water St. I read recently that that was voted one of the best in the country.

Oh, alright, do you know if the stands take EFTPOS?

No, I think it's cash only.

What about public pools, and fitness centres?

There are two public centres. One's the Whangarei Aquatic Centre, and the other is the Kensington Fitness Centre. I don't have the contact numbers for them, but you'll find them in a phone book, which is on the blue stand behind you there, or you can go online at one of our computers to your left.

Is it free?

No, there's a small charge. It's $2 an hour.

OK, can I get a wireless connection here?

Yes, it's a dollar for a 24-hour connection. I can do that for you now if you like?

Yes please.

That's a dollar. Thanks.

Alright, on your phone, you'll see us listed in your wireless connections available. Click on that, and enter the chit number.

Alright, thanks, are there any other places I can go to around town for visitor information?

Yes, you can go to the Information Centre on the southern end of town, on Otaika Road. That has a lot of information on outdoors activities like beaches, hiking, walks, camping, etc.

Oh, and what about in town?

Up the road on Bank St, at number 161, they'll list the bands and venues, and night-time activities.

Ok, thanks. What time do you close?

In just over an hour, at 6 o'clock.


Enjoy your stay.

I will, thanks.

Ok, bye.


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